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Don’t worry, we are here to help! We will work within your budget to create something thoughtful and delicious. We have many different gift wrapping options and customizable (and useful) wine accessories and food pairing add-ons that are guaranteed to not be regifted.

Let me help you create the “how did you know?” moments for the wine novices and nerds in your life. Perfect for wedding gifts, momentous occasions, thank you’s, and holiday cheer!   

Why “Say it with Wine“? Thank you so much for asking, I would love to tell you. Picking a bottle can be a very meaningful gesture. It can say everything from “I saw this and thought of you” to “I think you need this” and my personal favourite “How did YOU, get THIS?” 

My gifting style has often been described as competitively thoughtful and I will absolutely dig deep and find the perfect bottle to impress, delight and inspire awe. Why am I so confident? To me, this is easy. I have spent almost 20 years working as a sommelier in Canada’s top restaurants and boutique wine stores. In less than three questions and sixty seconds, I know exactly what to pick. Helping you send the perfect gift is just an extension of that training.    

Feel Lost? Start Here!

I am so excited to share with you this easy peasy gift building flow! I have taken the guess work out of gifting. Pick your budget, style, snack and gift wrapping and leave me a note with any preferences when you checkout! 

No more filling out forms, going back and forth on email or stressing about budgets. You can shop for the perfect gift whenever your schedule allows, and I will take care of the rest! 

It’s no secret that the world of wine can go from reasonable to crazy in the blink of an eye. This sections allows me to pair the perfect bottles within your budget sourced from best in class private agencies. Style guidelines or preferences are alway welcomed!  Baskets start at $60 and go up to $400. Want to be extra? I got you! Let’s add some caviar! Or a Wagyu steak? How about a pet truffle? 

My studio is always stocked with a variety of cheese and charcuterie from Cheese Boutique. Once you choose the configuration that fits, I will include only what pairs with the wines you’ve selected. The sommelier in me will always ensure the perfect pairing. 

The Classic Snack Pack includes: 2 x 50g selections of cheese, 2 x 50g selections of charcuterie and classic crackers. 

The Premium Snack Pack includes: 3 x 50g selections of fancy cheese, 3 x 50g selections of fancy charcuterie in addition to crackers, olives and fruit preserves. 

The Cheese Only selection includes: 3 x 50g cheese and classic crackers. 

The Charcuterie Only selection includes: 3 x 50g selections of charcuterie and classic crackers. 

Don’t worry about spoilage! All selections are vacuum sealed and packed with an icepack just to be sure. Additionally, any orders that need to be shipped will be packed in a thermal envelope as well.  

We all eat with our eyes first, so let’s make the first impression a great one! All packaging options include a gift note and tissue wrapped bottles. Can we make it extra special and add your logo? Absolutely! Custom details? Tell me more! 

Literally, there is a box to add all your wishes on the checkout screen. 

Give me a ring, send a text or fire off an email! 


1. Select Your Wine:

2. Choose Your Style:

3. Choose Snacks to Pair:

4. Gift Wrapping:

The price will be visible here after completing the configuration.

Until then, start here.

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